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After Jail

After Jail

Our job doesn't stop once a bond is posted by Boomer Bail Bonds. We're just getting started. Here's what happens after the defendant is released:

  1. The defendant checks in with Boomer Bail Bonds.
  2. Boomer Bail Bonds schedules a time for the defendant to come by the office and complete the paperwork.
  3. Boomer Bail Bonds verifies the arraignment date and notifies the defendant if any revisions have been made on the case.
  4. Boomer Bail Bonds helps you keep track of your court dates.
  5. Once the case is closed and your account is paid in full, your bond is exonerated and your obligation to Boomer Bail Bonds is fulfilled.

Every case is different so it's hard to know how long the court proceedings will last. But our experience helps us let you know what to expect. It always helps when you make sure to follow every instruction and be present and cooperative throughout the process.


Boomer Bail Bonds offers fast friendly professional 24/7 service for bail bonds assistance and free warrant checks in most counties of Oklahoma.


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When a bail bonding agency assists in the release of a defendant on bail, the bondsman charges a fee. This initial fee is not refundable. The bail agency is responsible for ensuring that the defendant arrives in court on the day of the trial. If the defendant does not appear in court, then the bail agency may sue the individual and co-signers for money that was given to the court for the defendant's bail bond.